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Advantages of working with MYCRANE

One window principle

We take over the whole process of searching of Contractors of lifting services and communicating with them. Let us do the heavy lifting!

Convenience and Transparency

When working with MYCRANE, you will ensure the convenience and transparency procurement process of Contractors for lifting services.

Save time and costs

With MYCRANE, you will get a prompt access to reliable and trusted Contractors on the most favorable terms and conditions.

You can also order related additional services from us
How does it work?

Create a Request

Fill out the request form. And our registered Contractors will be notified immediately.

Crane owners will send you their offers

After just a few minutes you will start to receive offers from potential Contractors

Choose the best offer

After reviewing the quotations provided, accept the most suitable offer (using the MYCRANE site)


Request a call back

If you need any help or support with the selection of the cranes or calculating costs, please get in touch via the “additional services” section or request a callback